It can be said that flipped classroom is becoming a popular model in online education. The purpose of the flipped clasroom is checking the students’ understandings first and bring the students for the activities.

Especially in online education, it may be more beneficial to place students in breakout rooms to share ideas, comments and opinions. In that way, they can do it in pairs or group-based work. Besides, the model is focused on student-centered on online teaching in order to make them actively participating.

The Flipped Classroom” by AJC1 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

In order to attract the attention of students in online education, the model Flipped Classroom, students will refresh their knowledge within the previously shared materials and videos to share their ideas, comments and opinions. And as they talk about the related topic, they will accelerate their learning and become engaged in the lesson.

Moreover, thanks to the e-learning tools, such as quizlet, kahoot, padlet, pixton or wordwall students will reinforce what they have learned about the materials given before, through activities.

You can reach the discussions, where we talked about the subject in more depth, from the youtube link below.

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