I have been teaching in language schools and I have always had limited time to prepare activities for each class. When you have several classes this challenge becomes harder for the teachers. Preparing materials for each class can take many hours. Every teacher wants to spend less time on preparing activities. That is why the  language teachers tend to find already-prepared materials. I used to prefer a few material websites in the past but after doing some research ı have discovered super better of them. With the help of this text, I am going to show them to you.

The first website is called ‘’WordWall’’.

It can be used to create games that are both interactive and printable. Furthermore, the busy teachers do not really have to prepare their own materials since there are already thousands of them on the website. Any web-enabled gadget, such as a monitor, tablet, phone, or virtual whiteboard, may be used to access the online content. They can be played by students independently or by the teacher with students taking turns in front of the class. I would like to exemplify my expressions by talking about my experiences. About two weeks ago, I was teaching “Present Perfect Tense” online to my adult students. After practising the rules of the “Present Perfect”, I wanted to let my students practice by speaking. Unfortunately, I had no time to prepare for such an activity. But it took 5 minutes to find the activity that I am going to mention now. On the ‘’Wordwall’’ website, I found the random wheel below.

By spinning the wheel, every student had a chance to speak and practise what was taught. In this way, I let the students speak in a more exciting way rather than a simple “Asking-answering” activity. Providing such exciting activities always encourages students’ to take active roles. This activity type is only one example among hundreds. There are hundreds of types of activities as below.

Thanks to these kinds, language teachers can provide student- student and student-teacher interaction in the classes.Furthermore, these websites can be preferred for blended teaching method (mixture of traditional and technology-based education). Rather than using PPT or Word documents , these can be much effective on students’ learning process.

The second website that attracts me is ‘’Live Worksheets’’.

This website is to transform the traditional printable worksheets (doc, pdf, jpg and so on) into interactive online exercises with self-correction. They may include sounds, videos, drag and drop exercises, join with arrows, multiple choice and even speaking exercises, that the students must do using the microphone. Teachers can show how fun language learning can actually be by taking students out of the usual education through these kinds of activities. What’s more, with the activities on this site, teachers can provide their students with the chance to learn asynchronously. However, activities can also be done synchronously with students. Formative assessment can be provided to students independent of time and space. The students open the worksheet, do the exercises and click “Finish”. Then they choose “Send my answers to the teacher” and enter your email. Then the teacher will get a notification in their email, and they can check all the students’ answers in the mail. One of the activities is attached at side. Link in references.

To summarize the topic, “Wordwall” and “Live Worksheets” provides such materials to enhance student- teacher and student-student interaction. By providing such interactions, these creates a more challenging and interesting learning context for the language learners. Language teachers can arrange synchronous and asynchronous learning systems by preferring these websites. In addition, teachers can provide out of class assessments to the language learners.





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