Today our subject is “Machinima” which is a word formed by the words of machine and cinema. We can give computer animation games as an example. For example, in the second year of the university, we as a group prepared a machinima with the help of the game “The Sims 4”.

The purpose of making this video is to have fun and to contribute to people’s learning English by adding our voices (speaking in English) to the video. Notably, you can contribute to your English learning in many story games, especially with the game “The Sims”, which we have mentioned in previous posts. You can check from here:

This video is actually similar to the movie, but the end is a story that will truly fascinate you. This is just for you. Don’t forget to leave a comment while watching the machine we prepared!

Without further delay, we invite you to watch our video.

Have a good time!


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