When you think of motivation, what comes to mind first? For example, we think of phrases like thinking well, working out, having a good time, being successful, improving oneself, helping people, learning English and so on. Perhaps some of us would answer this question like “I do not need or cannot find my motivation”. 

This can be learning or improving English which is an effective way to go through while in this pandemic situation. But, we are here with suggestions not only for language development but also for making good use of the time and finding motivation. Sharing our recommendations that we can offer you in terms of both entertainment and development so that the process can contribute to us better. That is why, by mentioning the different kinds of recommendations from us that will provide you with inspiration and help a little in this process are going to help you to find your motivation. 


Beyza and I started using Letterboxd exactly during the COVID-19 process. We can say that we are addicted to watching movies and TV series. This is precisely at this time, I thought that “I watch a lot of TV series and movies, but it would be nice to see what I watch and save it somewhere.  I shared this with my friend Beyza, and she suggested that I should use Letterboxd. She said she discovered this platform while looking for exactly such a platform. While using the application, we can create a list of the movies that we watched by genre, or under different titles. Then we can rate on the movies or TV shows we watch. We can follow what we watch and what we haven’t watched before. Especially, after watching something, we can share our comments about the movies and tv series. Also, we can like the comments of others and communicate with them.  We can follow up with friends and see their activities, and we can follow new people on this platform and communicate with them via movies and TV series.  We noticed that we feel excited while using this app, and new activities on the app bring new followers and this makes us feel happy and motivated. The thought that “not only me but also others can see and benefit from our list” is very pleasing.


Undoubtedly, it can be mentioned that some of the most affected in the COVID-19 process are students. Especially if we consider it in terms of education, to ensure that students’ participation in classes by working on their shortcomings can be challenging for some teachers. What can the teacher or student do in this situation? That’s when it is time to use the WordPress for blogging. There can be many topics, students and also the teacher can set up a private blog or a public blog as a group, whatever they choose. They can share their assignments, thoughts, advice, and more. It will be a great option for students to be more motivated for the lessons and for teachers to evaluate their students. Since you start using the website, it will only be special for you (design, idea, plan, etc.). Just find yourself writing and look at other people’s blogs in the “Reader” section, comment, like, and reblog the others’ posts to your own blog, share your opinions with other people in the “Conversations” section, join the forum. We believe that not only students and teachers, but all people can motivate themselves by opening a blog page in a short time.


Highlighted text

Perhaps one of the premium life-saving apps: Pocket. If we want to explain this application briefly; You browse the internet and enter the “Pocket” application and paste it into the url to save a video, article or anything with a link. Then, you read whenever/wherever you feel like it. So different sites all in one application. Doing this offline is one of the best things in the application, after saving you do not need the internet. You can watch a video or read a post outside. Besides, you can also highlight text even what you have saved, for example today I wanted to highlight this part in this post.

Do not have time to read? Then listen. One of its main features is that it offers the opportunity to listen to the article you want as if you are listening to a podcast. You can use the application not only on your mobile but also on your computer. What more could you ask for? Two birds with one stone! So, how does such a beautiful application not motivate people! We think you should register as soon as possible!

Nike Training Club

During the quarantine process, we all want to start to relax and look for motivation, in this case, the best helper can be: Nike Training Club. Of course, 10 minutes at home, which you can do yoga/meditation right after getting up in the morning or before going to bed at night will give you a great waking-up energy or pre-sleep comfort. In this application, you can find many exercises that suit yourself at the level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) you want. One of its most important features is that it creates a special plan according to your wishes, for example, it can be 4-6-8 weeks, suitable for your level, you can decide whether sports equipment is included or not, and you can start the exercises that are suitable for you as soon as possible! There is also a public area where you can message with the community. We can say that gaining badges (achievements based on training minutes and so on) as you exercise provides a strong motivation! It can be an indispensable application in lockdown!

Touring Virtual Museums

Have you ever had the experience of visiting a virtual museum? We tried it, and that’s why we want to share our experiences with you. For a long time, these nervous, anxious, unhappy feelings with COVID-19 have struck us, and this isolation seems to continue. So we really need to calm down. But how? This is why we are here. Here is a suggestion for you; with #MuseumMomentofZen, you can use the healing power of art to be motivated. Let’s put a picture in here, maybe it will inspire you and give that urge feeling to do it. Some of the museums like The Met, MoMA and Guggenheim offer virtual tours, but #MuseumMomentofZen aims to increase motivation by presenting artworks and images from around the world on social media.

 Get Together with Family and Friends and Play Games Online

We sought a lot of things to do during COVID-19. We have run out of activities to do so quickly that now “what should I do? There is nothing to do, I am overwhelmed” thoughts cross our minds. Besides, we cannot see our friends as before, and people who live on their own cannot see their family frequently. We started to use some platforms both to fulfill this longing and to socialize. Like Zoom, Skype, Discord. I think we are used to these platforms now, we all know and are familiar. But what can we do with our relatives on these platforms? We have to do something to have fun, not to have a boring meeting. We thought about this with our friends at the time of quarantine, and our friend Ibrahim suggested the Gartic” game. A virtual game night is definitely an excellent suggestion, and it’s definitely a distracting quarantine activity. We had a lot of fun the day we tried the “Gartic” game, one of our friends drew something, the others tried to guess, and we got points. At the end of the game, the winner was displayed. The thing we laughed at the most was that some of us drew funny things when drawing about a word or an object, it looked more like a weird drawing, this made us all laugh the most. That is why, you should definitely try it, you will not regret it!

We thought we were going back to our normal lives, we got hoped, but we went back to quarantine, we felt tired because this cycle could not be broken. Around the world, some of us have finished this pandemic process, and we are happy for them. But for those who need motivation, this post is very significant. Hopefully soon our world will get rid of this virus completely, and it will return to normal! We are sure that this advice post will be of great use to you!

Have a nice day!


Brooks, A. C. (2021). Don’t Wish for Happiness. Work for It. https://getpocket.com/read/3313078226






Written by Beyza Çıtak and Hilal Yerlikaya

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  1. tanssityttö says:

    That virtual museum sounds really intreresting! Today I thought, something like that would be nice but I didn’t know that they already exist.

    1. Yes!! You should definitely check it out!! They are awesome ✨

  2. Wow, this is some valuable information to stay fresh and carefree at home, great post!

    1. Oh, thank you for your precious comment. 🙂 Yes there are many things that can be done at home, these are just a few!

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