According to the report titled “Why We Are Touched by The Sound of Music” written by “Anjana Ahuja”, the author clarifies that music is a melody which processes in soul. And, it is a kind of meditation we need to get where we are or when we need it. In addition, accompanying with music is a unique journey to release emotions. There are some reasons that I agree with all the author’s points. The accordance and harmony with the music surround our bodies and benefits to feed us with gratifying feeling. There is an impact on human bodies and the effect of music in our daily lives. My interest in music made it feasible to enjoy this report with pleasure likewise it is appealing and undoubtedly incomparable.

In the first place, I agree with the author’s point is that music is the rhythm circulation that influences our psychology.

Often when we are shopping, especially for girls, selected music types make customers peaceful, calm, and amenable to commercial messages, also put the desire into action for buying clothes. Furthermore, this is a marketing ploy to have people buy more clothes, shoes, and jewelry. As an example, they make purchasing more attractive by playing energetic music and make people always demand to shop more than ever. According to Dr. Fatma Orel who is a member of Çukurova University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, she interprets that the right half of the human brain perceives events and objects intuitively so that people can remember any event or object more quickly and remember it more easily. Because the piped music accelerates customer perception of the store or displayed products.

In addition to that, I completely agree with the author’s point with the choice of music among the teenagers.

Especially when they become teenagers, the role of music is expected to be expressive. Thus, music affects our body in a visible way. For instance, usually, people who step into new adolescence such as boys, they listen to music in rock and metal styles on the grounds that they wish to behold themselves frigid and unconcerned. When it comes to girls, if they are left by their lover they prefer to listen to music which brings pessimist emotions. However, if they receive an enormous gift they would rather dance with the music which cheers them up than feeling worse.

Another essential point is that I agree with the value of music and its impression on human beings.

When a person listens to music and if it is likely to try to feel a little bit breeze and breathe deeply in this way happiness can cover the person’s body. More importantly, sitting under a tree or walking around a forest with the conformity of music make people feel the sound and lyrics. As if they combine each other, they make people remember their favorable memories. For example, the kinds of music that motivate our feelings when we cry, or smile have a keen touch on our psychology. Besides when we are downhearted the first thing we do is, we resort to the music which wrecks us. Or in preference to feel splendid we listen to music which leads to hope.

Markedly, I can say that music is the food of the soul.

What are the hidden meanings of songs that affect people so deeply? Why are we experiencing these feelings? It has been observed in some studies that music also leads to human health conditions. For example, music therapy has been done to cure depression or anxiety, which is very beneficial. Moreover, as we can associate music with many things, as you remember we talked about how useful it is to learning English in our previous posts. Available at the link:

In conclusion, the author touches on charming points in her article and her writing style, expression of emotions, giving striking examples are enchanting. A person who reads it he or she becomes fascinated. There is music everywhere and it is universal. Specifically, the definition of every music is diverse from person to person we may choose one which is convenient for our character. I believe, music will always continue being a part of life.


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