Giving feedback is significant, it can make the student more productive and be aware of his/her mistakes. Due to the COVID-19 process, K-12 grades and universities in Turkey switched to distance education. So, what impact did this have on students’ English? If we take into account the point of feedback, online education can make the students inactive in the lessons. Making the students actively participate in the classroom has a lot of responsibilities on teachers’ shoulders, and feedback is one of them. The teachers’ helpful tool can be defined as “feedback” which is not common in online education. When it comes to English language skills, providing feedback is severely important. In terms of writing and speaking feedback, English language should be spoken and written properly, that is why teachers’ feedback plays one of the critical factors. If we consider these feedback types:

1. Writing Feedback

As writing covers grammar, vocabulary usage and punctuation and so on, giving feedback to the students’ writing has a crucial role. Students can have a better perspective on what they have been taught by exposing writing feedback. As students can practice their grammar and vocabulary knowledge with the help of a writing teacher, teachers had better provide effective feedback to the students.

2. Speaking Feedback

It is a fact that we use the language most verbally. Those who want to learn a language want to learn that language mostly to communicate verbally. Therefore, speaking feedback becomes more important. Teachers should guide their students while encouraging them to improve their speaking practice. This guidance includes effective speaking feedback.

Web Tools

There are many tools which can be used in online education while giving feedback. These tools should be used in the lessons or even outside of the classroom because of encouraging the students. Let us get into the digital tools:

  • Edmodo: In Edmodo, classes can be created, homework can be assigned to the students. Besides, there is also a grading system while doing this. Although summative feedback (grading) does not help students much, formative feedback (comment) works for students.
  • Padlet: I can say that Padlet is a great feedback tool especially for writing. Without the need to create an account, students can put the text they will write by typing their name in the “title” section, so the teachers can both give feedback by commenting and using emoji.
  • Voki: Voki can be a feedback tool too for the purposes that teachers can use for speaking. For example, students can create the characters they want in that application and have a speaking activity. Then they can share them with their teachers, and the teacher can give the feedback as a voice message which is advantageous for them.

You can watch our videos on this topic from the link below:



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