Today is Star Wars day which is developed through Star Wars fans is celebrated! I do not know where to start the writing, but today is so special. Accordingly, let me get into the deep.

 “A New Hope”, the first movie of Star Wars, is a masterpiece that gives the audience unforgettable moments and captures people on the screen. The thing that makes the Star Wars series the best is the dominance of the subject and the visual feast! The theme of the first three films that we have watched for years and will never be able to replace with any movies.

Not to mention the Star Wars comics, movies, and animations, which pioneered over the years.

When it comes to “The Mandalorian”, I can say that it was the best Tv Series I have ever seen. So, what is so perfect? I felt like I was in the series with the leading role since the first season was released. Not only the actors of the series, but also the perfect story collaboration that accompanies the chain of events! What I recommend is you need the watch the whole movie series and “The Mandalorian”.

Maybe there are so many things to tell, but I invite you to watch the machinima special for STAR WARS that we prepared in the previous post!

P.s: If you just want to see a nice animation, please type “star wars day” in google search engine and press enter. Surprise awaits you!

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