As four in-service English language teachers, we would like share our works and studies about field and interests of ours such as books, games, movies and so on. We will be sharing writings and activities not only related to our field but also our interests. Additionally, it is also our priority keep you informed about the news in the world. Sharing with you things that can have such good results. Considering that you can get a piece of the stuff we have shared, then we can say that we will start doing something great. For further information about us:

Beyza Çıtak
Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself. I live in Istanbul. I studied English Language Teaching at Istanbul Medipol University and Web Design-Coding at Eskişehir Anadolu University in the open education faculty. Additionally, I currently am teaching English at Istanbul Volunteers. I am interested in blogging, games, and digital content production. My aim is to get a master’s degree in educational technology. And, I want to develop an application for English language education in the future.

Hilal Yerlikaya
Hi there! Let me tell you about myself. I live in Istanbul. I studied English language teaching at Medipol university. After that, I am doing double major in the same university, so I started studying psychological counseling to understand human behavior. My goal is to be able to learn German as a second foreign language. and to have a master’s degree in educational technology. I am open to living abroad and changing my life in this regard.

İbrahim Türkmen
Welcome to our blog! I am İbrahim. I live in Istanbul. Having gratuated from teacher training high school, I have started to work for language schools at 2016. I have been working for them since then. I studied at İstanbul Medipol University in English Language Teaching department and Eskişehir Anadolu University Coding-Web Designing department. Also, I have been working in health sector for years. I am a freelancer English Translator at health sector and I provide healthcare services for foreign patients from all countries. Ps: I can speak Arabic, too.

Mücahit Altun
Greetings visitors! I’m a young 23-year-old living in Istanbul. I studied at Istanbul Medipol University in English Language Teaching department. I am a teacher at Amerikan Kültür Language school in Bakırkoy and also I work in an universal textile company as an assistant director. I am hardworking person and I like spending time for social responsibility projects.